Why Take a Cruise Vacation?

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Why Take a Cruise Vacation?

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Princess Cruise - Star Princess - The boys on Deck 7
Princess Cruise – Star Princess – The boys on Deck 7

If wasn’t until 2012 that we decided to take a cruise vacation.  We were looking for something that would appeal to all of our kids (teens, tween, and pre-school).  Our first cruise turned out be to be one of the best family vacations ever…and we vowed to add cruising to our ‘rotation’ of adventures.

Here are the reasons why our family loves to take a cruise vacation:

  • The Adventure:

There’s something exhilarating about cruising out into ‘the great unknown’.  You will see things that only the heartiest of explorers have experienced, such as: dolphins, flying fish, amazing at-sea sunsets, star-filled skies from horizon to horizon, and scenery that is WAY off the beaten path.  On our family’s Alaska cruise, we spent hours upon hours on the decks gazing at glaciers, whales, seals on ice burgs, floating otters…simply amazing!

  • The Entertainment:

There is literally something for everyone on a cruise.  On Princess Cruise lines, they publish a daily ‘to do’ pamphlet called ‘The Princess Patter’.  It lists everything from seminars on learning how to play instruments; fold origami; horse race games; trivia challenges; karaoke; evening shows; movies; and much more.   So for the times when you’re not gazing off a balcony, sitting by the pool or relaxing in a hot tub, you will have your choice of fun things to do!

  • The Food:

If you were to ask my teenage boys why to take a cruise vacation, they would all yell, “The  Food”!  The food is not only delicious it is plentiful and around every bend.  Our growing boys were so happy to splurge in the pizza meal between meals and the several-a-day ice cream cones.  They would giggle at the fact that they could hop off the pool lounge chair and grab a burger, slice of pizza, or fresh cookies at any moment.

  • The Destinations:

A cruise vacation can be as relaxing or adventurous as you choose to make it.  You can relax on a beach or go scuba diving – it’s up to you!  The ports that cruises take you to offer opportunities to see some truly unique cultures and take some excursions that are amazing experiences.  For example, you can see ancient Mayan ruins, snorkel over reefs filled with tropical fish, zip line over rainforests, go tubing in ancient caves, and even take a safari walk through monkey and macaw-filled jungles!  On one cruise, we even ran a 5k race around a tropical island (and then relaxed on the beach) – how unique is that!

  • The Comfort & Convenience:

As parents, a HUGE reason that we love to take a cruise vacation is the convenience and worry-free experience.  Once aboard, there’s nothing to worry about!  It’s like a luxury floating, all-inclusive resort that takes you on a multi-day journey to faraway lands.  It’s so sad to get off at the end.  Also, I lock my wallet and passport on Day 1 in the room safe and never touch it throughout the cruise.  No worrying about meal costs, transportation, keeping everyone happy with activities…it’s all taken care of.

Vacations can be expensive when you add up all of the transportation, food, and lodging costs alone.  Now add in entertainment costs for admission tickets and adventures, and the vacation budget bulges!  One of the top reasons we like to take a cruise vacation is that these costs are rolled up into one.  The only add-ons in a cruise are: tips, drinks, and excursions all of which can be planned for ahead of time.  The other cost is getting to and from the embarkation port which you can control based on the cruise that you choose.

Like most things, costs vary with demand.  So if you’re looking to take a cruise vacation, get a cruise quote or Disney Cruise quote and ask your travel agent for tips on timing and when you can get the best deals.  Another factor is the cabin-type.  Most of our cruises, have been interior cabins.  Why (you ask)?  Because we’re not in our cabin very much!  You can get all of the same views on the many open decks.  The only view I want in the cabin is my pillow or a late night movie :-).

Star Princess - Mike and Mark in hot tub
Star Princess – Mike and Mark in hot tub
Sunset on the Star Princess
Sunset on the Star Princess

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