Vacation Discounts

Vacation Discounts

One of the biggest ways to save costs is to maximize vacation discounts. This may sound so obvious that it’s hardly worth mentioning, but most people don’t take advantage of all the cost-cutting they could do if they explored all of the available discounts.

You don’t have to be an Extreme Couponer or fanatic to find and take advantage of all of the discounts, but you may need to have the patience and diligence to research the discounts and be persistent.

Here are the best vacation discounts that we’ve found:

  • Rewards Credit Card:

There are many options in this category, from Discover, the Chase Disney Card, and Airlines credit cards. Why not take advantage of this? This is like having a piggy bank of vacation savings that can really add up from year to year. If you pay your credit card off each month without paying any finance charges, this truly is a great deal.

  • AAA Discounts:

I’ve let this membership expire a few times only to find out that the discounts it provides often exceed the annual membership dues. This been especially helpful with a one-way minivan rental. Amtrak, airlines, tour buses, and much more! Not to mention that you can get free city maps of the areas that you’ll be going (& roadside assistance). We’ve found AAA Discounts more than pay for the membership cost.

  • Government or Corporate Discounts:

If you work for a large company or a government agency, ask around and you just might find that there’s a discount / coupon code that you can use on tickets or travel.

  • Loyalty Programs:

Almost every hotel, rental car, and airline have a rewards program. Find out which of them have partnered up, and factor this into your planning. For example, if there are multiple hotel options, but only one rental car option…ask what hotel chain that the car company is partnered with, and you might be able to save by booking the two reservations together. You might also be able to use your frequent flier miles towards hotel or rental car, too. Shop every angle.

  • Ask Questions:

You don’t have to be ashamed or bashful…ask the booking agent what’s the best deal and if there are any vacation discounts that they can be apply. If never hurts to ask! There have been many times, where I just asked questions on what the most economical way to book something is, and by the end of the conversation the agent on the phone gave me some form of discount. Amtrak was incredible in this regard – they must have spent 20 minutes with me on the phone trying multiple variations to see how I could get the best deal for our train vacation.

Looking for vacation discounts often takes some patience and persistence. Don’t give up if at first you don’t succeed. Use the internet to your advantage and search for discounts, coupon codes, and deals. Your efforts can often make a difference between an affordable vacation and one just out of reach.

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